Perimeter Security Enclosures for Hemp and Medical Marijuana Growers is a Fast Approaching Fence Business

During the last 12 months, we have seen several additional states adopt commercial growing opportunities for both Hemp for CBD or Medical marijuana as prescribed.  An increasing demand for security at these growers or farmers plots has created a boom of opportunities for both the American fence manufacturers and the commercial fence contractor.  Many of these plots are in outlying areas of our nation but many are just around the corner and we do not even know it.  Let’s discover a few options in the chain link fence arena that are commonplace at the current time for hemp and marijuana fence.


10-foot 9 gauge 2” mesh Chain Link Fence with Razor Ribbon

As chain link fence goes this 9 gauge 2” mesh is the standard for commercial and industrial use across the United States.  10 foot chain link has been specified in several states as the minimum for security although some other states have deemed 6’ and 8’ adequate based on the location of the plot, field or green house.  In addition to this 10-foot chain link, this system utilizes sharp razor ribbon to deter climbing of the fence.  As a standard practice this fence provides a secure perimeter, then in combination with cameras and other devices a full system can be put in place including Access Control electronics.



10 foot 9 gauge 1” Mesh Security Chain Link Fence

1” mesh got introduced into the US Chain-link market as a growing demand came from our utility grid to augment the ability to climb our chain link fences.  The 1” mesh is small enough to deter shoe or boot entry into the mesh thus reducing the ability to climb the fence perimeter.  9 gauge 1” mesh can also be made in heights up to 20’ tall as needed and will fill the need of the industrial hemp farmer or the medical marijuana grower.  Additionally, the razor ribbon can be added to this system as well to create another level of defense and along with the other controls a grower can secure their crop.  Hemp and Marijuana Fence is a must.





10 foot 9-gauge 3×5 EagleMax Slatted Chain Link Fence-Hemp and Marijuana Fence

Many urban farmers and growers are running into the need for privacy chain link fence to secure their property and meet the ever-growing demand to make their plot ascetically pleasing to the public around.  This EagleMax 98% privacy chain link fence can provide a secure perimeter and also block out both unwanted eyes and helps with the public perception of the grow.  This particular chain link security fence does come with some additional wind load requirements that must be recognized upon specification and installation.




As one of leading distributors of chain link fence in the United States, Eagle Fence Distributing is poised to assist you in material acquisition and/or completing your project in full with one of our contractor partners.

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